Bert Notenboom:
Over the years we gathered a lot of work from Mr. Notenboom..
Some of these works we would like to offer for sale,
if you are interested, you can contact us.

Click for a larger size on the paintings !


The art of beautiful writing also called "Calligraphy". 
Sorry they are all in Dutch :-)

These books have a special place in my library for I just love cats !:

- MAJESTY: a second monthly magazine and as it were the favorite magazine for the cat lover.

- CATSECRETS: if it were up to the cat ........... then you read this book. (Vicky Halls)
- MY CAT IS A DARLING BUT..... (Francien Van Westering)
- THE CHARACTER OF CATS. (Stephen Budiansky) these books combine daily problems with practical    solutions.

- MIRACLES ON PAWS. (Marguerite Vlielander)
- PURRING BUT NAUGHTY AT THE SAME TIME. (Marguerite Vlielander) in this book the writer tells about her
  experiences with her own   cats..

- THE ASTROCATS (Claudine Titeca) a story for adults who love cats, with breathtaking drawings..

- CATS (Thomas Wester) a photobook with beautiful photos of cats.

- CAT POSTCARTS (Pierre Horay) beautiful postcards from bygone times compiled into a book.


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